As of April 28, 2021, VaccinateMA will no longer be providing updated information on vaccination availability in Massachusetts.

While we were grateful to have the chance to help our fellow Bay Staters find vaccines during the early part of the rollout, our state now has widespread vaccine availability and the highest percentage of fully-vaccinated eligible adults in the US. If you're still looking for a vaccine, please check out our resources page for links to other sites that are continuing on.

Have a great summer, and stay safe!

❤ The VaccinateMA team

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a group of volunteers helping Massachusetts residents get vaccinated. Our site uses a mix of automated and crowdsourced data to show vaccine appointment availability. VaccinateMA launched on January 17, 2021.

Why are you doing this? Isn’t there a state site?

For many weeks, Massachusetts lagged behind in distributing the doses it had been shipped. In late January 2021, we were ranked 43rd out of 50 states in terms of percentage doses administered from the ones we had received. Recently, our statistics have much improved, but there is still confusion about where to get a COVID-19 vaccine and how. We've also found that the existing state website has availability for mass vaccination sites, but our website covers 100+ additional local and retail sites. We use a combination of automation and manual checking by volunteers.

Why do you have vaccination locations not on other websites?

We regularly research where the vaccine is being administered across the state, which sometimes results in our website showing locations not listed elsewhere.

Your website said there was an appointment, but there wasn't one when I tried to register. Why?

Most of our availability information is gathered by hand by a group of dedicated volunteers. Some sites only get updated once a day — the time at which the data was entered can be found under "last updated." Also, appointments get booked very quickly and sometimes a spot gets filled by someone else in the time it takes to register. We encourage you to check or for other sources of availability.

What if I want to help?

Shoot us an email at

What if I'm a reporter and I want to contact you?

Shoot us an email at

Who are you?

We are a group of volunteers including Code for Boston, Zane, Madeleine, Kunal Shah, and many other engaged citizens.

Inspired by and Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution.